Ditto head for the FlashForge Creator X and Creator Pro, Microcenter PowerSpec Pro and Monoprice 3d printer.


  • Clamping design for thermal barrier tubes. Makes setting nozzle height easier with no measuring tools. 
  • Change nozzle height without removing parts. 
  • Lighter weight than the original parts. 
  • Less parts.
  • Fans mount directly to heatsinks. No plastic spacers to lose. 
  • Steppers are mounted more securely and are easier to remove.
  • Better heat dissipation.

  • Ditto Features: 
  •     Ditto print both extruders at the same time to print small parts faster. 
  •     Splits the 150mm x 225mm build plate in half. 2x 150mm x 112mm
  •     Firmware settings required. Must set home offset to compensate for wider print head. 

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FlashForge Extruder Mount "DittoHead" Assembly with heatsinks.

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