Update 1/7/18: I am out of the parts to make this product, but I might be able to put together a couple more with spare parts. For now this item will be on pre order status for a couple weeks until I get enough interest to do another batch. Please send an enquiry with any questions.
Thank you to all that have made this product a success over the last 3 years. As new printer models/brands have been released the demand for this product has slowed down a lot which is understandable, nothing lasts forever. :-)

This is a direct replacement extruder mount and filament guide tube mount for the FlashForge Creator X and Creator Pro, Monoprice Dual, and PowerSpec printers from MicroCenter.
  • Clamping design for thermal barrier tubes. Makes setting nozzle height easier with no measuring tools. 
  • Change nozzle height without removing parts. 
  • Lighter weight than the original parts. 
  • Less parts.
  • Fans mount directly to heatsinks. No plastic spacers to lose. 
  • Steppers are mounted more securely and are easier to remove.
  • Better heat dissipation.
Installation Instructions:
  1. With a bare carriage, bolt on the new mount. The little silicon thingies are just for packaging. 
  2. Use the 20mm bolts through the heat sinks, and the bar, and into the steppers.
  3. Mount the fans using the screws provided.
  4. The two lock nuts only on the left side are for if you want to remove the left stepper then mount the left heatsink/fan to the bar.
  5. You can also put plugs on the fans so the whole left stepper, heatsink and fan can be removed if only using the right extruder.

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FlashForge Extruder Mount Assembly with heatsinks.

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