Update  4/8/16, Each set now comes with a carbon fiber battery strap instead of the previous printed strap

The Saddle side guards come with a carbon fiber strap for each side. 

Side guard set for shorty pack:

  • Comes with right and left side guards that have raised sides for Hook and Loop (Velcro). 
  • Also included: Battery strap and battery rubber cushion. 
  • Standard Color is a dark grey carbon color. More pics soon. 
  • The picture is a prototype in red color for photography purposes. 
Note that this is a printed item and some layering is normal. 

Installation requires drilling 2 holes in the chassis and countersinking with a 90 degree countersink. (If you don't have a countersink they are quite useful) :-)

  • First install side guards with a couple of screws on each side. 
  • Use the new hole in the guards to guide drill bit, use 2mm bit first or 5/64"
  • Remove side guards to prevent damage from finishing the holes.
  • Enlarge 2mm hole to 3mm or 1/8", then countersink with 90degree countersink. 
  • The right side guard has two mount points for the 16mm tall stock standoffs. 
  • Use the 2 - 3mm x 16mm bolts to secure the standoffs to the chassis and guards.
  • The 3mm x 12mm FH screw is for the new hole in the left side. 
The rest of the screws used are from the stock kit. 

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Serpent SRX-4 Side Guards/Battery Strap set.

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